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Our Mission

To Provide Traditional Osteopathic Medical Treatments
To Patients and Further Education to Doctors-in-Training

"It is evident that this very humble and compassionate 
community consists of a dense network of people who not only 
know one another but say hello to one another upon passing, 
and who truly care about one another."  

~Megan Frost, OMSIV, Western University of Health Sciences


Osteopathic Medicine:  

Dr. Kate McCaffrey specializes in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine (NMM). She is also Board Certified in Family Medicine, although she does not practice it in this office. Osteopathic medicine is practiced by fully licensed U.S. physicians called  D.O.'s, alongside their counterparts, M.D.'s. The main difference in training between the two professions is the emphasis on treating the whole patient and the cause of the illness.  
Dr. McCaffrey functions as an NMM specialist in this office. 

Teaching Clinic:

Redwood Osteopathy, Inc. is a teaching clinic.  We are committed to teaching holistic medicine to doctors in training.  We are actively recruiting doctors to Humboldt County.  With this in mind, you will likely see an osteopathic medical student during your first and subsequent visits.  The medical students are supervised by Dr. McCaffrey.  They will take your history and perform a clothes-on structural exam.  Dr. McCaffrey and the student will see you together and create a treatment plan for you at the first visit.

You will need a current, established primary care physician or provider in order to be seen at this office.  
Most insurances are accepted. 

Office Location:


In the Bella Vista Plaza
1225 Central Avenue, Suite 12
McKinelyville, CA 95519
Phone: (707) 633-6146
Fax: (707) 633-6147
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 9am-5pm

Redwood Osteopathy, Inc.